17th may, 7.30pm

This Gather we are delighted to have Hannah Tunnicliffe, Deirdre Tollestrup and Bronny Jacobsen who will be speaking about their evolving relationships with their bodies. These courageous women will share their stories of battles, burdens and beauty and the journey towards joy and acceptance. Together we will explore what it means to grapple with, befriend, allow, love, listen to, nurture, let go of, age and come home to our bodies.

It’s going to be an empowering and uplifting evening. 

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Hannah Tunnicliffe is an international bestselling author, whose novels have been published in eight languages. Having lived abroad in China, Australia, England and Canada she finally returned home to her beloved Aotearoa five years ago to raise (mostly wrangle and cajole) her three daughters with her husband, Matt.

One of Hannah’s most difficult challenges has been making peace with food and her body. She went on her first diet before she was a teenager and spent close to a decade living with an eating disorder. Hannah is fired up and passionate about sharing her story and the learnings that have changed her life and her relationship with her body; that have given her back peace and purpose.

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Deirdre Tollestrup has been into body awareness from way back, learning yoga as a young teen and still continues the practice in her own versions of mindful movement, dance and stillness. Early on she turned her creative curiosity towards art (glass blowing and design), spirituality, and natural healing, meeting her husband Steve along the way and raising a family together while he worked as director of International Aid agency TEAR Fund.

In her late 30s, keen for a new focus and seeking practical ways to help others (and insights with her own struggles) she began studying social work and counselling. Now-days in her counselling and psychotherapy practice, she’s using processes of cognitive-somatic-mindfulness and narrative exploration with clients to help resolve all sorts of problems.

She says despite living in her body for 60 years, it’s still challenging (and fascinating!), learning to be more accepting of self, genuine… She credits the clients she works with as being some of her best teachers and loves that her work brings a daily focus on being comfortable in her own skin, and the value of that not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually.



Bronny Jacobsen is passionate about authenticity-being able to live our own best lives because we understand how we are wired-while moving through life being extraordinarily grateful, and trying to recognise, encourage and build into those we connect with.

She is currently working towards achieving balance in life, being a little kinder to herself, and choosing peace in the middle of what can be a bit of a whirlwind at times. Bronny is based in Sydney, but comes home often to soak in the deliciousness of the little people in her life.



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